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How your photos influence your reviews

Professional insights on how to improve your property’s pictures

Whether you run a city-centre hotel or a cosy country B&B, having great photos of your property matters. We dug into our data and interviewed an expert photographer to find out how you can capture the perfect picture.

Photos have a huge impact on how potential guests perceive your property. In fact, studies show that pictures are one of the top three factors in helping customers choose a place to stay. Good photos also create a clear idea of what visitors can expect from your property – and this reflects in the reviews they leave.

To understand what good photos are, we spoke to Amsterdam-based creative Iris Duvekot. Specialising in interior design photography, her work has appeared in The Workshop and leading Dutch design magazine Roomed. She shared her tips on turning a beautiful interior into a fantastic photo.

Before you start shooting

Controlling the perspective in your pictures is really important, according to Iris. “Make sure you carefully watch the vertical and horizontal lines in your picture. Things like walls and tables, for instance. Does the table look a bit crooked in your picture? That means your level is off. Using a tripod can also really help getting the level in your pictures just right.”

Finding the right angle

“The wider the angle, the more you’ll be able to capture in your pictures. So make sure you find a place or corner in the far end of the room. This will give you a good perspective.” But what if you’d like to capture a small detail? Can you use the digital zoom on your camera or phone? “I know it’s tempting to zoom digitally but it will impact the quality of your pictures. Just move closer to the object you’d like to photograph.”

How to work with light

“I always try to use light that’s already there. Preferably daylight. I’m not a great fan of using professional lighting because I like to capture a room just as it is.” This means that the flash is off limits when it comes to shooting interiors. “Light generated by the flashlight on your camera is quite ‘hard’ and increases the contrast in your pictures. This will make a room look less cosy and inviting. That’s why it’s important to work with soft light like natural light.”

Styling your pictures

Adding a personal touch to a room can really make your pictures stand out. “When you add a personal style to your pictures, make sure that style is consistent throughout your pictures.” Iris recommends enhancing rooms with small details. “Everyone loves a neatly made bed. But adding things like books, a suitcase or flowers to that image can really change the character of the picture you’re taking.”

Working with smaller rooms

Not every room is a luxury suite, so how can you photograph smaller rooms without making them look too small? “Try to find the widest angle you can find. Including a mirror in your pictures can also make a room seem bigger. Just make sure your reflection isn’t seen in the mirror when you apply that trick.”

Once you’re ready to take professional pictures of your property, remember that you don’t need expensive equipment to get great results. You can use your own camera or even your phone! We recommend a minimum size of 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.1 megapixels) to make sure your photos look good on any device.

To help you see which photos you need, we’ve created a personalised page score for your property. Getting this score to 100% gives guests a clearer idea of your property – and makes it easier for you to turn lookers into bookers.

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