Great guest experiences happen everywhere

In numbers: the world’s greatest experiences

What does the data tell us?

Where are the best properties on earth? Which country has the most “perfect 10s?” Our data scientists crunched the numbers to reveal where you can find the world’s greatest guest experiences.

After the Guest Review Awards, the data team analyzed figures on more than 1 million properties to reveal where the world’s best guest experiences can be found.

This year, 355,535 properties received a Guest Review Award. That means over a third of the properties listed on have a review score of 8 or above.

Where are the best properties?

The ten countries with the most winners are again clustered in Europe. Just like last year, Italy is the standout destination – extending its domination to have more than twice as many Guest Review Award properties as the second-placed USA. Clearly, la dolce vita lives on.

Which properties get the most Guest Review Awards?

The breakdown of awards by property type reflects the balance of properties on Hotels are the most common type of property on the site and also have the most Guest Review Awards.

But of the 486 properties that managed to get a perfect 10, some 466 have fewer than 10 rooms. And most 10s were apartments, B&Bs and vacation homes, rather than traditional hotels. Maybe it’s because at these 
smaller—often host-owned—places, the expectations might be a little more manageable, and guests can be given more personal service.

How do winning scores break down?

Those 10s are magically rare, of course. And in most cases for those that achieve a Guest Review Award, a score between 8 and 9 is more common.

Whatever the score, Guest Review Award properties can be extremely proud of their achievement – just like we are!

In brief:

  • Italy rules again, with more than twice as many Guest Review Award properties as the second-placed USA.
  • Smaller properties, like apartments and B&Bs, get the most “perfect 10s,” – maybe because they can offer a more personal service.
  • Some 355,535 properties—around one third of the total—have scores of 8 or higher.

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