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The power of the digital Guest Review Award

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For most guests, the first time they see a property is online. Those first few seconds—the pictures they see, the first words they 
read—go a long way to forming their opinions about a place. And few things are more reassuring to guests than approval from their fellow travelers.

So if your property received a Guest Review Award, download and share your digital award today. It highlights your guest review score and can be used on your website or any social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn. Click the button below to download it now!


One of the reasons travelers trust our review scores is that previous guests have nothing to gain from talking up a property. Our own research shows that 71% of guests who share reviews do so to “give something back” to the property and other travelers. When reviews are good and scores are high, new guests feel much more confident about booking. Simply put, great reviews are good for business.

How reviews improve the guest experience

But it isn’t just website reviews that make a difference. A recent study by the University of Bournemouth found that 65% of travelers find their travel plans influenced by information on social media. Plus, recent research from the UK government found that social media had more influence on travel bookings than advertising, guidebooks or travel agents.

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In brief:

  • A positive online reputation encourages more bookings.
  • Download and share your digital Guest Review Award on your website and social media accounts – so you can tell the world what great guest experiences you offer!